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About Zhenjiang

Zhenjiang situated the southern part of Jiangsu Province,on the south bank of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River,with Nanjing to the west,Shanghai,Suzhou,Wuxi and Changzhou to the east; and Yangzhou in the north across the river,Zhenjiang is a historically and culturally famous city approved by the State Council,which integrates industry,port and tourism into a whole.

ZHENJIANG has ascendant environment for investment. It has five essential conditions of logistics,resources,water supply,land and urban base,which are necessary for the establishment of large-scale enterprises,and the conditions of water supply,electricity,gas,post and telecommunication are among the top in the Yangtze River Delta. Seven economic development zones are scattered along the Yangtze River and highways. Fifty square kilometershas been developed,with perfect infrastructure and living facilities and visible industry characteristics. Gold East Paper,Chi Mei Chemical Industry,GPPC Plastics,Liancheng Chemicals,Lichangrong Chemical Industry,Haili Electronics,Kenuoshuangfeng Wood Industry,Yijin Photoelectricity and other world-famous enterprises have settled in the Development Zones. A group of leading industrial bases has formed in Zhenjiang,including papermaking-the largest in Asia,engineering plastics-the largest in China,main machine for laser-electronic products,cylinder for vehicle engine,optical-fiber telecommunication products representing the world technology,wood processing and bicycle. Zhenjiang Export Processing Zone,approved by the State Council,will start operation soon,which provides a newer opportunity and a development platform for investors in Zhenjiang.

It has a vast range of prospects to invest in Zhenjiang. In order to carry out the strategy of development along the Yangtze River in Jiangsu,Zhenjiang took the lead in compiling "Program of Coastal Industries Belt",preferentially developing photoelectricity,papermaking,zoological chemistry and new material,cultivating the production bases of road machine,specific engineering ship and facilities,engineering appliance,metallurgy tool,specific vehicle and auto fittings,and foodstuff,stepping up the scenic area construction of Jinshan Mount,Jiaoshan Mount,Beigu Mount,Nanshan Mount,Baohua Mount ,and Shiyezhou-a national level scenic spot,and Runyang Bridge Theme Park. It stresses the modern logistics,centering on the great bridges and ports. Upon the base of industry program,86 key projects are presented for investment promotion,including automibles,ships,machinery,electronics,chemical industry,textile,light industry,metallurgy,construction material,agriculture,infrastructure,zone area development,and tourism,providing a vast range of prospects for investors to invest in Zhenjiang.

Zhenjiang has preferential policies for investment. Upon the base of State preferential policies for foreign invested enterprises,Zhenjiang has drawn 11 items of preferential policies,covering tax refund,fees reduction or exemption,land usage,state-owned enterprise merging,etc,encouraging from both home and abroad to invest in Zhenjiang ,set up business,and share the development.

Zhenjiang will accompany you to enter a bright and colorful world.

Ten Advantages to the Development along the Yangtze River in Zhenjiang

1. Regional advantage
It is located in the prosperous and richly endowed Yangtze Delta. The "golden crossing watercourse" of Yangtze River and the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal cross here at Zhenjiang.

2. Harbor and port advantage
It is a first-class open coastal city of the State. The harbor has 20 berths of 10,000 tonnages,and has established relations of shipment business with over 120 harbors in the world.

3. Shoreline advantage
It has 259.4 km of Yangtze River coastal lines,of which 67.8 km is below -10 meters.

4. Transportation advantage
The Beijing-Shanghai Railway and the Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway goes through Zhenjiang from west to east. It is 2.5 hours' drive away from Shanghai and 1 hour's drive from Nanjing.

5. Resource advantage
Jianbi Power Plant has an installed capacity of 1,625,000 kilowatts.

6. Water resource advantage
It is a coastal city,with abundant water resource and high-quality water.

7. Talent advantage
There are Jiangsu University,Eastern China Shipping Industry Institute and other higher education institutions as well as a group of secondary technical schools,with over 50,000 students at school.

8. Carrier advantage
There are national-level Zhenjiang Export Processing Zone and 5 provincial-level economic development zones.

9. Environment advantage
It is a historically and culturally famous city,scenery-tourism city,and coastal economic open region.

10. Cost advantage
The price for land or labor is evidently lower that of the eastern region.

ZHENJIANG New Area (Zhenjiang Economic & Technical development zone of Jiangsu Province) is optimized from the two former provincial-level Development Zones: Zhenjiang Economic & Technical Development Zone (authorized to establish in 1991),Zhenjiang Dagang Economic Development Zone (authorized to establish in 1992). It includes Chemical Industry Park,Mechanic & Electronic Industry Park,Photoelectricity Industry Park,Taiwan Industry Park,New & Hi-tech Industry Development Park and ExportProcessing Zone,covering a total area of 82 square kilometers,Fomous multinationals from over 20 countries and regions,such as USA,Singapore,Japan,Korea,France,Spain,Italy,Taiwan,Hongkong,have come and invested in the Development Zone,Up to the end of 2002,the number of projects approved to be set in the Zone has reached 800,of which 145 is foreign-capital projects,the accumulated contract foreign-capital has reached US$ 3.188 billion,contracted utilized foreign-capital has reached US$ 2.99 billion,and US$ 2.126 billion has entered the account. Gold East Paper,Chi Mei Chemical Industry,GPPC Plastics,Allray Photoelectricity,Cargill Feed,Total LPG,Total Lube,Thai Hinlong Food,Jianlibao Beverage,Kotch Asphalt,Nantdi Chemicals,Laitaixiang,Ulide,Liancheng Chemicals and other world famous enterprises have invested in the Development Zone. A group of leading industrial bases has formed in Zhenjiang,including papermaking-the largest in Asia,cylinder for vehicle engine and main machine for laser-electronic products-the largest in China,optical-fiber telecommunication products representing the world technology. Five pillar industries as papermaking,chemicals,auto parts,photoelectricity and biomedicine have formed hereby.

DANTU Economic Development Zone is a provincial-level development zone. It is located in the beautiful and richly endowed Yangtze River Delta,situated in Gaozi Township,the western suburb of Zhenjiang,It is 230 kilometers eastward to the metropolitan Shanghai,and 50 kilometers westward to Nanjing,capital of Jiangsu province.

Dantu Economic Development Zone covers an area of 22 square kilometers,stressing on the development of essential chemical industry,and energy.Metallurgy ,port logistics and coastal industries,will be combined into Nanjing petrol-chemical circlewith provincial key chemical industries along the Yangtze River.


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