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About Yangzhou

Located in the central part of Jiangsu Province,Yangzhou is one of the center cities with strong complex strength. It has Guangling,Weiyang,Hanjiang,3 districts and administers Gaoyou,Jiangdou,Yizheng and Baoying 4 counties. The whole area of Yangzhou covers 6638 square kilometers with population 4,67 million,among which cantonal area is 973 square kilometers,with population 1,28 million. GDP of 2002 reached 55,9 billion yuan and the per capita GDP reached 12300 yuan.

Unlimited Commercial Opportunities and Preferential Policies for the Development Along the Yangtze River

To speed the development of riparian areas,we exert the whole city??s efforts to innovate development mechanism,build "policy billabong",improve service,construct investment carrier and investment introducing course to create a safe,dependable and beneficial investment environment.

(1) Set up a new financing mechanism to form a multiple market operation mechanism.

(2) Practice preferential policies for the development of riparian areas to debase the project cost in the zones.

(3) Complete the investment service system of riparian development to improve service quality and efficiency thoroughly.

(4)Build a good legal system in the riparian development areas to form a social atmosphere of "pro-business,enrich-business and stablize-business mentality "

With obvious area advantages,Yangzhou has a great development potential.

Yangzhou is hinge city with advantageous area conditions and convenient traffic.

Yangzhou is a new industrial and commercial city with good industrial base.

Yangzhou is an ancient cultural city with centries-old history and strong cultural foundation.

Yangzhou is a tour city with good zoological and beautiful environment.

Yangzhou is a modern city with developed technology and abundant human resource.

Yangzhou is an open city with huge development potential and broad cooperation.

The Prosperous Foreground of the Development of Riparian Areas Along the Yangzi River in Yangzhou with Superior Resources

(1) Good conditions of the development along the Yangzi River1,Broad room. The riparian areas of Yangzhou covers Jiangdu Simazheng in the east,Yizheng Qingshan County in the west,the Yangzi River in the south and Ningtong Highway in the north (the North West City-circular Highway is the borderline of city),including Yangzhou city,Yizheng,Jiangdu,and 29 counties,with total area 1086.8 square kilometers,up to 16.4% of the total city area,among which,developable area is about 350 square kilometers.2,Advantageous resources. One is shoreline resource. The second is the river beach. 3,Industrial base. One is the good foundation of industry. The second is the complete sets of foundation facility. The third is the complete investment carrier.

(2) Setting up the riparian industrie group In accordance with the theory of "area integration,industry collection,development intensivism,and energy aggregation",speed the collection of fund,talents,industries and technology to boost the development of riparian areas. The focus is to form six industries: One is textile,the second is chemical industry,the third is automobile and shipping manufacturing,the forth is high-tech industry,the fifth is zoological agriculture and forestry,and the sixth is logistics and tourism.

(3) Constructing ports along the river In term of the thinking of "one port two areas",arrange port resources of Yizheng and Jiangdu,and try all out to create a "Yangzhou port" brand.

(4) Establishing riparian cities and counties In the light of city development pattern of "one body two limbs",with Yangzhou city at the center and Jiangdu and Yizheng at the sides,choose 8 central counties in the riparian areas with superiority in traffic,industry and tourism to practice city-group design construction.

(5) Constructing riparian foundation facilities Quicken the construction of foundation facilities in the riparian areas,including 1. Road net,forming a road web of "one horizontal and many vertical". 2. Energy facilities,supplying electricity,heat and gas for riparian areas and zones. 3. Water supply and water drainage facilities. 4. Shoreline rearrangement,storing deep shoreline resources for the follow-up development of riparian areas. 5. Custom once-through point and bonded warehouse.


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