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About Wuxi

WUXI is a famous city south of the Yangtze River with a history of over 3,000 years,which has long been enjoying the fame of "Pearl by the Taihu Lake". With Shanghai to the east,Nanjing to the west,embraced by the Taihu Lake to the south,and the Yangtze River softly flowing through the north,Wuxi covers an area of 4,650 square kilometers with a population of 4.38 million.

WUXI Wuxi is an important regional hub of communications. Lying at the intersection of China's two most vibrant economic belts-the Coastal Economic Belt and the Yangtze River Economic Belt,Wuxi is strategically located,with easy access to major transportation arteries adding to its weight in the Grand Shanghai Economic Ring. With widely extended transport network,Wuxi is becoming closer and closer to other parts of the world. The city is only one hour's car ride from Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport (120km away) and two hours' car ride from Shanghai Pudong International Airport (150km away) or Nanjing Lukou International Airport (150km away). Besides,Wuxi has its own airport. In addition to offering domestic airlines,Wuxi Shuofang Airport has become an international cargo airport on approval of the State Council and will soon be expanded. Wuxi,a modern industrial city,is one of China's 15 economic centers. As the birthplace of China's national industry,Wuxi has laid a solid industrial foundation as early as at the beginning of last century. Now a modern industrial system featuring complete sectors,solid foundation,advanced technology,cutting-edge products and industrial strengths in electronics and informatics,fine machinery,light industry,fine chemicals,high-grade textiles,as well as biotech and pharmaceuticals has taken shape. Wuxi's per capita GDP for 2002 reached 4,500 USD,ranking No. 10 in China. Wuxi has also been listed No. 6 of China's 10 most competitive cities and No. 15 of China's 25 cities with the strongest growth potential by the UN.

Wuxi is also a beautiful tourism resort,with very good living conditions. Located at the bank of Taihu Lake,Wuxi is featured with the special scenery of the south of the Yangtze River,with a combination of the beauties of rivers,lakes,springs,caves and gardens. Wuxi is also one of China's top ten tourist cities and one of the first batch of "China's Excellent Tourism Cities

WUXI New District is an emerging modern,technology intensive and international oriented industrial city.

The construction and development of Wuxi National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone was launched in November 1992,right after its formal establishment. In January 2002,Wuxi New District made a second regional adjustment. At Present,Wuxi New District covers a total area of 140 square kilometers and has a population of 200,000. Under its jurisdiction are 5 towns and 1 neighborhood.

Over the last ten years,echoing the state policies of reform and opening-up,Wuxi New District has deepened reform,expanded opening-up,strengthened innovation capability,and aggressively implemented the strategies of internationalization,thus opening a new path for the leaping development of its regional economy. Its high-end planning,highly effective introduction of investment and technology and high standard construction has brought first class achievements.

In order to create new advantages and improve the comprehensive competitive ability,Wuxi New District is taking new steps on the road of build a technological and ecological city. We believe that a new technology city is coming up.


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