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About Suzhou

SUZHOU,featured with its distinctive Wu Culture,elegant gardens and unique scenery of the water region,enjoys prestige in the world. Since the reform and opening-up,the city has lost no time in seizing opportunities to develop itself into a new industrialized city,with thriving development zones and fast-growing open economy,which attracts attention from home and abroad.

Today,when Jiangsu Province decided to implement the strategy of the development along the Yangtze River,Suzhou has quickened its pace of opening-up and construction in the riverside areas,striving to be a forerunner in building a well-off society in an all-round way and basically accomplishing modernization. It will try to play a leading role in setting up the riverside manufacturing base of Jiangsu Province.

Making intensive use of the resources of areas along the Yangtze River,and strengthening the development of the port,the city is to build up the biggest open port in Jiangsu Province,which will be a component part of the center of international transportation of Shanghai and a major port for container transportation in Yangtze River delta. Bringing geographical advantages into a full play,we shall build up here characteristic industrial parks to harbor advanced manufacturing enterprises,with basic industries as the main part. Along with the port construction,we shall bring forth a group of modern prosperous riverside towns with complete service facilities. Enhancing environment protection and upholding sustainable development,we shall set up ecological scenic zones. We are to use five years to build up a new Suzhou alongside Yangtze River,and basically accomplish modernization within 8 years. This grand target illustrates the incomparable hopes for Suzhou's future.

Adhering to the principles of transparency,warm-heartedness,sincerity and high efficiency,the municipal government will improve the quality of its public administration and service,innovate and perfect its ways to help investors and create a best investment environment in its riverside areas.

We sincerely hope that,in view of a brilliant tomorrow,businessmen of deep insight would come to Suzhou and set up enterprises in its areas along the Yangtze River.


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