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About Suqian

As a key central city of the eastern bridgehead city group of the new Euro-Asian Continental Bridge and the only experimental area of reform and opening-up in Jiangsu province,Suqian enjoys a good geographic location and developed transportation . Beijing-Shanghai Expressway,Nanjing-Suqian-Xuzhou Expressway and Xuzhou-Suqian-Huai'an-Yancheng Expressway connects Suqian to Beijing,Shanghai,Nanjing and Xuzhou. Xinchang Railway links Suqian to the Yangtze River delta. The Great Canal goes through Suqian. Lianyungang Harbor,Guanyin Airport and Baitabu Airport play the role of opening-up in Suqian.

Much due to its strong market demand,low cost and advantageous investment setting,Suqian has developed into a hot spot for investment.

Guests and friends at home and abroad are welcome to Suqian for making investment and development.

SUQIAN is a famous town of liquor in China,ofwhich"Yanghe"and"Shuanggou"enjoy high reputation both in china and overseas market. The local special industry such as textile and building material is improving,and the glass industry has a history of nearly 100 years.

Suqian acts as not only a traditional city but also a famed base of commodity grain,commodity cotton and wood. As a land with the name of the hometown of "fish and rice",it is also adequate in agricultural and secondaty products.

Located at the hall of the 2nd floor the industrial-Commercial Bank Building,Suqian Investment Service Center integrates 24 govemmental bodies and institutions and 56 service windows.
The Center exercises "one-hall-style" work and "one coordinated process" service by strictly following the purpose of"facilitating investors in an effective,uncorrupted and canonical way",so as to create good investment climate.

SUQIAN,a newly established prefecture city in 1996,lies in the north of Jiangsu Province. Under its administration,there are 4 counties and 1 district, Shuyang County,Siyang County,Sihong County,Suyu County,Sucheng District. It covers an area of 8555 square kilometers with a population of 5,150,000.

As the hometown of Xiang Yu,an overlord of the Qin Dynasty and his wife Yuji,Suqian attracts numerous tourists.
Hongze Lake and Luoma Lake have the beautiful natural scenety. Qianlong Temporary Palace built in 1681 still shows its majesty. The native town of Xiang Yu,the overlord of the Qin Dynasty,exhibits its pageant. Zhangshan Forest Park boasts a beautiful landscape. The newly excavated Sanzhuang Han Tomb arouses worldwide attention.


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