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About Nantong

The Strategy of Development along the Yangtze River and East China Sea Through the implementation of the development along the Yangtze River and East China Sea,Nantong will transcend to the times of river and sea from the times of river,will transcend to integrating with Shanghai and merging with Southern Jiangsu from the location in Central Jiangsu. It will act as the key combination port and modern logistical center in the northern wing of Shanghai international shipping center and the important base of basic industry and processing and anufacturing industry in the northern part of Shanghai economic circle. In addition,it will emerge as the sub central city within the Shanghai international metropolis circle. The goal set in the riverside development is that by the year 2010,the GDP in riverside will account for 200 billion yuan and per capita GDP will reach 35000 yuan,increasing by 1.8 times that of 2002 respectively.

Among the world six largest city circles centered with Shanghai,Nantong is the only one endowed with the seven key elements in receiving the radiation of Shanghai,undertaking the transfer of international capital and developing the manufacturing base of major industry.

One-hour Urban Circle Three cross-Yangtze River channels,namely Sutong Yangtze Brige,Hucongsu Channel and Ronghai Bridge,enable Nantong to enter One-hour urban circle of Shanghai.

Great Transportation Hub Yangtze River,sea and River joint transportation; seaside great channel; international airport; railway trunk line connecting the China??s east,west,north and south..

Port and City Integration Nantong port started with the city??s construction and the city is thriving for the construction of the port. Nanjing port is one of China??s ten largest ports linking with 199 ports of 65 countries and regions.

Fresh Water Resources Nantong is affluent in fresh water resources. The flowing volume of Yangtze River in Nantong part reaches 28600 cubic meters per second and the annual precipitation is 1162 millimeters.

Waste Water Discharging Conditions Nantong is linked with Yangtze River and the sea. A large-scale project of discharging industrial waste water complying with the standard into the sea is under construction.

Land Resources There are rich land resources along the river and sea in Nantong,which has left broad development space for large industrial projects close to the port.

Intellectual resources Nantong boasts developed science and education with 5.3 million of labor population. Various colleges,scientific research institutes and professional schools have cultivated a great batch of technical talents.

Industries Most Suitable for Investment and Development

1. River and seaside port industry including large-scale petro-chemical industry,steel and iron industry,shipping industry,material industry,power energy,grain,oil and food,logistics and storage.

2. Traditional based livelihood industry such as textile,bedclothes products,light industry,hardware mechanical and

electronic industry and auto components,etc.

3. Intellectual based high-tech industry including electronics and information and bio-medicine.

National Development Zone Approved by Chinese government,Nantong Economic and Technological Development Zone was built in Dec 1984. It is one of the national level development zones with the longest history,highest grade,most standard operation and preferential policies. With complete infrastructure facilities,it can best suit the development of portside and high-tech industry. Now it has attracted a lot of international capital especially the capital from Japan and Korea. Japan Prince Paper Making Co.,Ltd has resolved to invest 200 billion yen to develop pulp and paper making integration project. It will be the largest investment project made by Japan in China.

Export Processing Zone Nantong Export Processing Zone is a national export processing zone approved by the state council. Located in the Nantong Economic Development Zone,it is the only export processing zone on the northern bank of Yangtze Delta. It is a special isolated area where customs carry out the management model of "inside territory and outside customs",capable of providing the service of "once declaring,once bill checking,once cargo examining",a 24-hour simple and convenient clearance procedure.

Provincial Development Zone Presently Nantong has 10 provincial development zones distributed in 8 counties and districts,most of which are constructed with the river and seaside manufacturing industrial belt. Enjoying the advantageous geographic location and preferential policies of the strategy of great development along the Yangtze River,it is capable of undertaking the settlement of industrial investment of various scales and different kinds with the complete infrastructure and service system.


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