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About Nanjing

NANJING,as the provincial capital of Jiangsu province,is a central city in lower reaches of the Yangtse River. Located on the bank of the Yangtse River,Geographically,Nanjing plays a very important role to link all the cities from east to west,and from south to north. Nanjing has an area of 6,597.6 square kms. Because of the large developable spaces and the ascendant geographical position,Nanjing becomes the provincial political,economic and cultural center of Jiangsu province. Moreover,it is characterized by its advanced trade and finance,its leading position of science and technological education in China,its abundant cultural background,its abundant human resources,and its remarkable supportive functions as a central city.

So as to coordinate the new--round development of Shanghai ,we take the following work as major points. They are the gathering and distribution functions of regional communications; the supportive functions of trade and finance; the modern logistics functions and the technology innovation functions. Making the composite serving abilities from all aspects of the whole city,Nanjing could show more of its competencies and functions as a provincial capital and a center city in Yangtze River Area.

The strategic position for development along the Yangtze River: It is an important carrier of the international manufacturing industry and the capital transfer .It is an important place to show its ancient culture and modern civilization. It is an important link to bring along the common development of both south--part and north--part along the Yangtze River bank .It is also an important platform to promote the alliance of the metropolis' prosperity and the integration of the Yangtze River Delta..

We insist on considering the industry as the No. 1 strategy,and establishing an international advanced manufacturing industrial base as the goal. and will speed up the development of industrial group. We put the focus of our work on five main industries. They are petrochemical industry,IT industry,automobile manufacturing industry,iron and steel industry,and power industry. In 2010,the sales revenue of the five main industries is about to break through 500,billion yuan.

To push forward the concentrating cultivation of industries along Yangtze River. the construction of infrastructure integration along the Yangtze River,and to carry forward the consummation of multiple functions along the Yangtze River. The unify could give impetus to the exploitation of the landscape along the Yangtze River. Our aim is to carry out "threegoals",to create " two- belts and three-- centers". Upon 2007,the GDP of the whole city will be around 240billion yuan,and the per GDP will be about $5,000. Upon 2010,the GDP of the whole city is going to be about 350billion yuan,while the per GDP is going to be around $ 7,000.

" three goals " Industrializati,Urbanization,Functionalization

" two belts " City function belt,Scenery belt along the Yangtze River

" three centers" Heavy chemical industry center,Harbor economic center,High-tech industry R&D center

General strategic requirement for the development along the Yangtze River in Nanjing:

To take the Yangtze River as an Axis to develop the city. To expand the development across the river. To work in concert with the development of Shanghai. To influence other cities around Nanjing.

Excellent natural conditions in this area.

Well--developed economy.

Better industrial basis.

Effective comprehensive service.

Self-contained infrastructure.

Better political and economic conditions.


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