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About Changzhou

To promote the development along the Yangtze River with the effort of the whole city The strategy of the development along the Yangtze River is important for Jiangu Province to make new development and advantages in the new century.
In a position of connecting the east and west,south and north,Changzhou is one of the key areas in the development along Yangtze River.

To make a good use of the Yangtze River coastline and tap the potential of the hinterland is the countermeasure for Changzhou to seize opportunities in the globalized economy in the realize the capital transfer. Therfore,Changzhou Municipal Government made a systematic plan on the development of the city.

Changzhou has defined a riparian development zone with the new north district as main body and the national level high-tech zone and the Binjiang petrochemical zone as the core. Adhere to the strategy of "Assembling high-tech enterprises to high-tech zone,enterprises with inorganic waste to Binjiang petrochemical zone,and ecological tourism to the special resource base",Changzhou is trying to construct a three-industry block along the Yangtze river. The first industry is high-tech industry,which aims at developing the IT industry including new parts and components,information household appliance and soft wares,optic-mechanic-electronics industry including engineering machines and fine machine,and intellectual property industry. The second is environmental protection industry,which aims at developing energy,basic petrochemicals,fine petrochemicals,bio-pharmacy and new materials,and trying to become the key petrochemical production base in China. The third is the modern logistics and tourism industry,which aims at developing a local and international storage,distribution and purchase center,strengthen the function of Changzhou dock,the cooperation with Shanghai international shipping center and the connection with highways,railways and the airport,so as to build a comprehensive logistics park,and at the same time,speed up the development of huge scale special markets group. The tourism industry will take the "Longhu Garden" as an break through and expand the scale of China Dinosaur Garden,and make it a tourism resort in Yangtze Rriver Delta.

At present,many key projects are implemented in Changzhou according to the schedule. The sales income of the industries along the Yangtze River is expected to take over a quarter of that of the whole city. With over 50 world famous corporations and multinationals set their plants in Changzhou,the development zone has become the new growth point of Changzhou's economy.

Wujin High-tech Industrial Development Zone is located in the south of Changzhou City. It is a provincial industrial zone ratified by Jiangsu Provincial People's Government in 1996. The total planning area is about 76 square kilometers,in which 66 square kilometers is South Park. Wujin Industrial Zone emphasizes particularly on high-tech industries such as electronics information,optical-mechanical-electrical integration,fine mechanics,new-materials and bio-pharmacy industry. It also focuses on tertiary industry---commodity trade,distribution and suchlike. After five years development,a high-tech industrial zone oriented to electronics information,fine mechanics and new-materials has come into being.

Jintan economic development zone of Jiangsu (Hua Luogeng Science & Technology City) is situated in the eastern suburb of Jintan city. The general planned area is 41 square kilometers,in which 8 square kilometers are already exploited.

Jitan economic development zone enjoys convenient transportation. The Dan Jin Chao River-the tributary of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal flows across the town. The Changzhou-Nanjing highway passes by the town. The town lies 50 kilometers away from Changzhou Sea Port,50 kilometers from Zhenjiang Sea Port,100 kilometers from Zhangjiagang Sea Port,90 kilometers from Nanjing Lukou International Airport,and 200 kilometers form Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport. In the north of Jintan there is Shanghai-Nanjing railway,the artery of transportation of Eastern China,and Shanghai-Nanjing expressway. Domestic flight Changzhou Airport is near to the east of Jintan city.

Infrastructure construction has already taken shape after perennial effort with perfect supply of electricity,water,gas and heat. The industrial power plant of 36000KVA has already incorporated in power network and generated electric power. 100000 programmer controlled telephones can be dialed to everywhere in the world. And the second sewage.Plant is under construcfion Huacheng and Huayuan New Village were ranked national and provincial excellent residential area. No.1 Middle School,No.3 Middle School,No5 Middle School,Vocational Middle School,Huacheng Primary School and Huacheng Kindergarten have formed perfect education system.

After years of development with the foreign-oriented economy as the driving force and high-tech as key,Jintan economic development zone has become a comprehensive development zone of mechanics,garments,electronics,printing,plastic and fine tools. And the high-tech park is taking shape with a batch of high-tech projects into the development zone.


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