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Photo News > Sino-Korea Fair for Investment and Trade Is Held in Nanjing
Sino-Korea Fair for Investment and Trade Is Held in Nanjing

Sponsored by Ministry of Commerce of PRC and Ministry of Knowledge Economy of Korea, organized by the Department of Commerce of Jiangsu and Korea International Trade Association (KITA), as well as assisted by our council, the Sino-Korea Fair for Investment and Trade is held in Nanjing on November 10. Park Young Bae, the director of World Trade Academy of KITA, leads an over 30-peoples Korean enterprises delegation to participate the fair. The Jiangsu Global Sourcing Promotion Center thoughtfully organizes 210 representatives out of 105 enterprises inside or outside Jiangsu province to have the one-to-one style of discussions with the Korean representatives. Our vice chairwoman Qiu Xiaoping attends the activity.

There are 210 sequential matchmakings in this Sino-Korea Fair involving Investment and Trade, covering steel, electronic, auto parts, nondurable consumer goods, craft gifts, textiles and garments, hardware tools and machinery and equipment industries. Due to the large span of industrial natures purchased by the Korean delegation, covering so many areas, based on the concrete demands of purchasers and exhibitors, the center completely communicates with the Chinese enterprises by phone to sincerely make a professional matchmaking sheet listing the matching enterprises, sequences, and times for Chinese and Korean enterprises to make sure the accurate matchmaking rate and success ratio on site.

There are more than 100 cooperation intents achieved by Chinese and Korean enterprises though broad communications. Korean Rabbit & Fox Co., Ltd. and IBI Corporation respectively have deep contacts with nearly 30 Chinese enterprises and reach several purchasing intents in precision metal, oil wells devices, high-power generators, compressors, maternity products, and baby clothes. Nanjing Sisuo Digital Control Machine Co., Ltd. and Naewoe NT Trading Co., Ltd. reach $1.2 million digital control bevel gear machine export intent. Nanjing Mozhong Trade Co., Ltd. and Korean Shanzaixiang Trade Co., Ltd. discuss possible exclusive distribution right of Korean children clothes in Chinese market; the Korean delegation also visit Mozhong and take a field tour around Nanjing Xinbai Shopping Mall, Golden Eagle International Shopping Center and so on. Jiangsu Overseas Group Co., Ltd. and East Asia ING Company discuss on glass bracket and construction parts and reach premier cooperation intent, deciding to offer the drawings, samples, and quotation after the fair.

The exhibitors also say this fair is a good measure offered by the government to match the potential partner enterprises to hold these foreign trade enterprises to widen international market and hope such kind of high-level, featured, and obvious targeted matching making fairs should be held more.

Ms. Qiu and the KITA representatives exchange their opinions on next year’ business cooperation during the fair.


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