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Photo News > Governor Luo Zhijun Warmly Greets DOFTEC Window Staffs
Governor Luo Zhijun Warmly Greets DOFTEC Window Staffs

With the company of Zhu Min, Director General of the Department of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation (DOFTEC) of Jiangsu, Luo Zhijun and Zhang Weiguo, respectively Governor and Vice Governor of Jiangsu Province, visit the administrative services center of DOFTEC and kindly comfort the services personnel who stick to their positions in such hot day. Mr. Luo carefully inquires on the services content, working process and distribution of the window position and encourages everyone to keep working hard to improve the quality of work so as to provide high-quality and high effective services for the stable development of foreign economy and trade.

Under the leadership of DOFTEC of Jiangsu and China Council for the promotion of International Trade, Jiangsu Sub-council, the administrative services center strictly executes the service convention, obeys all kinds of rules, firmly builds the service awareness, and strengthens the process management under the operation and management regulations of this center to fully play an role of carrying out the administrative openness of DOFTEC window and improving the administrative efficiency and functions by providing high quality and high efficient services ever since it was built on 2008. In the first half of the year, the center has issued 76,774 licenses of all kinds of import & export certificates and reviewed and approved 2,576 administrative issues acting as agent.

In this severe hot summer, whole staffs are moved and encouraged by the visit and comfort from Mr. Luo and Mr. Zhang and say they will keep the sincere working attitudes and the high quality serving level in the future to contribute to the promotion of the quick and good development trend of our provincial open economy.


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