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Photo News > 2nd China International Service Outsourcing Cooperation Conference Is Successfully Held
2nd China International Service Outsourcing Cooperation Conference Is Successfully Held

Supported by Ministry of Commerce of P.R. China, sponsored by China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) and Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government, as well as organized by our council, the 2nd China International Service Outsourcing Cooperation Conference is successfully held in Nanjing June 23 to 24. Themed as Opportunity, Challenge, Cooperation, Win-win, this year’s conference has organized 10 activities, including the theme forum, famous city forum, famous enterprise forum, celebrity forum, expo, national and international enterprises matchmaking fair, and so on, which is the largest scale, highest level, and most complete functioned conference in China in the services outsourcing aspect. Liang Baohua, Secretary of the CCP Committee of Jiangsu Province, presses the opening button, while our governor Luo Zhijun, CCPIT vice chairman Zhang Wei, and the assistant Minister of Commerce of P.R. China Chong Quan attend and address the ceremony; our vice governor Zhang Weiguo hosts the opening ceremony. Our executive vice chairman Ma Haining, vice chairwoman Qiu Xiaoping and vice chairman Huang Zheng attend the activities.

The conference pools in global smarts and hot topics to discuss a big plan of how to develop China’s Services. Mr. Zhu speaks on the development of our provincial services outsourcing on the theme forum at where the CEO-level big shots from more than 10 well-known international enterprises such as France Capgemini, U.S. McKinsey, and U.S. KPMG and authoritative inside experts jointly discuss the global services outsourcing industry’s trends, strategies, and opportunities and provide some good suggestions of how to transform and build a international brand of China Services in the context of the global financial crisis. The celebrity forum—China’s 50 Economists Forum, Nanjing gathers many celebrities in the economic field, including Wu Jinglian, Hong Yinxing, Cao Yuanzheng, Chen Dongqi, Li Xiaoxi, Zuo Xiaolei, and Xu Shanda, who discuss the hotspots, key points, and bottlenecks of current China’s economy as well as the opportunities, futures, and means to develop services outsourcing, under the topic of Scientific Development & Transformed Update.

The authoritative and the right to speak of this conference are improving as it releases related national policies and industrial comments. On the famous city forum, one of the most important events of this conference, 13 national departments and committees such as Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Finance, State Administration of Taxation, Ministry of Science, Ministry of Education, for the first time gather together to announce the latest services outsourcing policies to make this year’s conference to become the platform to release latest policies, whereas the relative units of our province get to know the latest support policies for provincial services outsourcing. The famous enterprises forum, the China leading services outsourcing enterprises and growing enterprises & Creating 3D China Services Outsourcing Brand Summit 2009, announces the lists of Top 10 leading enterprises in China international services outsourcing, Top 5 international services suppliers in China, and Top 100 growing enterprises in 2009, which is the first selection of its kind in China. WuXi AppTec, a Jiangsu provincial enterprise, is selected as the leading enterprise, and there are another 19 Jiangsu enterprises being selected as Top 100 growing enterprises. 24 national services outsourcing demonstration zones and 12 training institutions in Nanjing, Suzhou, and Wuxi are issued with licenses during the conference for the first time, whereas some enterprises and training institutions in our district, city, or province sign 22 memorandums of co-construction services outsourcing demonstration cities.

Creating exhibition & trading platform, matchmaking national and international cooperative demands, pushing international services industries to be transferred to our country, this year’s conference, based on the principle of being practical, firstly organizes the expo zone and holds domestic and overseas enterprises special matchmaking fair to build platform for their cooperation. The expo covers 10,000m2 and contains 450 international standard stands, with 201 domestic and overseas well-known services outsourcing enterprises, 20 domestic services outsourcing demonstration cities pavilions, as well as 12,000 attendees. There are 65 international contract-issuing enterprises from 11 nations such as United States, Japan, Britain, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Singapore, South Korea, India, and Philippines, which come with projects, and more than 300 national outsourcing enterprises having face-to-face discussion with the matching enterprises on the special matchmaking fair. In order to make sure good results, the conference pre-matches domestic and overseas enterprises based on projects. $26 million contracting and investing cooperative intent volume in four fields including Comic and Animation, Software, Applied Technologies R&D, and pharmaceutical R & D is reached on the fair in just 3 hours.


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