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Knowledge about CIE 2016 You Don’t Know

  China Import Expo, Kunshan 2016, themed on “Innovation-driven Development, Cooperation for Win-win Results”, is just around the corner. Over 800 well-known companies from 42 countries and regions will be gathered in Kunshan from May 19 to 21 with the latest technologies and products in smart manufacturing, environmental protection and consumer goods.

  The host of the CIE 2016 will organize brand forums with international influence as before during the expo. Moreover, the host will also carry out several worthwhile activities such as targeted matching for enterprises to better deliver the function of business consultations in match-making and technological exchanges and realize the goal of “forums spur the expo and integration of forums and the expo”. “An important reason for our participation in the expo again is the worthwhile services provided to us exhibitors. “FNA is going to participation CIE for a second time this year, and to it, a variety of supporting activities seem more attractive, as said the executive.

  “Apart from such high-end seminars as Asia Pacific Chambers Congress, we will hold other practical supporting activities such as the release conference for overseas new technologies and products and match-making workshops to facilitate in-depth consultations of overseas enterprises with Chinese purchasers. “ According to the organizers of the expo, the CIE2016 will make more effort in carrying out diversified supporting activities during the expo.

  CIE 2016 will provide “customized” services to some exhibitors. In preliminary consultations with the expo organizers, FNA expressed it hoped to get more information on the import needs of the Chinese market via CIE 2016 so as to lay a solid foundation for Japanese enterprises’ entrance into the Chinese market. To this end, the organizers are going to arrange a specially designed match-making workshop based on the needs of enterprises, where Japanese exhibitors will have paired alignment with Chinese buyers.

  According to the expo organizers, the following events will be held during CIE 2016:

  [Exhibition Area for Smart Manufacturing]

  Alignment Workshop of Chinese-Japanese Metal Processing Enterprises, Alignment Workshop of North American Metal Processing Enterprises, Smart Manufacturing Forum and FNA Seminars. Experts will have dialogues on the development trends and hot topics in smart manufacturing and key exhibitors and customers will be invited to exchange views.

  Alignment Workshop of Chinese-Japanese Mould Makers: Alignment of Japanese stamping, injection moulding and moulding exhibitors with Chinese customers.

  Alignment Workshop of Chinese-Japanese Metal Processing Enterprises: Alignment of Japanese metal processing (casting and pump valve, and machining) exhibitors with Chinese customers.

  Alignment Workshop of New York State Enterprises: Alignment of New York State exhibitors with Chinese customers.

  Alignment Workshop of Zhejiang Manufacturers: Alignment of Zhejiang manufacturers with exhibitors.

  FNA Seminars: Smart Manufacturing Seminar and other seminars.

  [Exhibition Area for Environmental Protection]

  2nd China-US Cooperation Forum on Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection and Alignment of Enterprises: Exchanges of views on trade and technological transfer in energy conservation and environmental protection will be carried out between China and the United States.

  Forum on Water Supply and Drainage in Yangtze River Delta 2016: Introduction to China’s needs in tap water technology in the next five years and analysis of projects planned and under construction.

  Alignment Workshop of Water Treatment Enterprises: Project alignment of exhibitors and water treatment customers.

  [Exhibition Area for Consumer Goods]

  Conference to Sel ect China’s Best Imported Wine Sellers: China’s best imported wine sellers will be sel ected on the conference and awards will be conferred.

  Theme activities on wine: the seminar and release conference of documents on circulation of imported wine

  Alignment of international retailers: Representative international retailers and procurement agencies that are well-known both at home and abroad will be invited to have face-to-face consultations with exhibitors.

  Alignment of Products with Distinct Local Features from Asian “Belt and Road” Countries: Domestic purchasers will be invited to have alignment with Asian exhibitors.

  Cross-border E-commerce Procurement Summit: Alignment of e-commerce enterprises and retailers with consumer goods exhibitors.

  Food and Wine Experiencing Activity: Wine tasting and food cooking show.

  Information Releasing Conference of E-commerce Enterprises: E-commerce enterprises at home and abroad will be invited to release their procurements needs and conduct consultations with exhibitors.


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