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Commercial Activity

Ecnomic and Trade Activities


  “Going Global”—Jiangsu Enterprises Cooperation Mission to Central Asia
Time: October, 2016~October, 2016 Address: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, etc.
  Time: October, 2016   Venue: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, etc.   Theme: Promoting international cooperation with machinery, logistics and new energy enterprises along the “Belt and Road&rdq

  “Going Global”—Jiangsu Enterprises Cooperation Mission to ASEAN Countries
Time: August, 2016~August, 2016 Address: Thailand, Sri Lanka
  Time: August, 2016   Venue: Thailand, Sri Lanka   Theme: Making full use of international communication channels and multilateral and bilateral cooperation mechanisms for industry and commer

  “Going Global”—Jiangsu Enterprises Cooperation Mission to Europe
Time: June, 2016~June, 2016 Address: Germany, Italy, Poland
  Time: June, 2016   Venue: Germany, Italy, Poland   Theme: Meeting the demands of new energy and biomedicine industries, helping develop new markets, and encouraging cooperation in the fields

  Jiangsu Machinery Manufacturing Industry Exploring Investment Cooperation Opportunities in North America
Time: October, 2015~ Address: U.S.A., Canada
Hosts: CCPIT Jiangsu Sub-Council, American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, American-Chinese Federation of Industry & Commerce,etc.

  “Going Global” – Jiangsu Enterprises Cooperation Mission to Singapore
Time: Early May, 2015~ Address: Singapore, Malaysia
Host: CCPIT Jiangsu Sub-Council

  Chinese-American Enterprises Match-making Events at 2015 Outsourcing World Summit
Time: Feb. 16~18, 2015 Address: Arizona
Organizers: The International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP), Nanjing Association of International Service Outsourcing, etc.

  Jiangsu Industry Investment Cooperation Mission to ASEAN Countries
Time: Early August, 2015~ Address: Thailand
Hosts: CCPIT Jiangsu Sub-Council

  The 2nd China - Russia Expo and 26th China Harbin International Economic and Trade Fair
Time: November, 2015~ Address: Harbin
Hosts:Ministry of Commerce, National Development and Reform Commission, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), etc.

  The 10th China - Northeast Asia Expo
Time: Sep. 6~11, 2015 Address: Changchun

  The 23rd China Import & Export Fair, Kunming
Time: June 6~10, 2015 Address: Kunming
Hosts:The People’s Governments of Yunnan, Sichuan, Chongqing, Guizhou, Guangxi and Tibet, Chengdu Municipal People’s Government
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