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Commercial Activity

Ecnomic and Trade Activities


  Mostar Fair
Time: April, 2019~ Address: Mostar, Bosnia And Herzegovina
Time: April, 2019 Venue: Mostar, Bosnia And Herzegovina Organizers: Mostarski Sajam d.o.o. Organizer of Jiangsu Group: CCPIT Jiangsu Sub-Council Activities: Exhibition & display Contact: Liu

  Modern Agriculture Germany +
Time: April or November, 2019~ Address: Germany
Time: April or November, 2019 Venue: Germany Organizers:CCPIT Jiangsu Sub-Council Theme: Enlarging the function and effect of international exhibition platform, promoting the international exchan

  The Dubai BIG 5 Show +
Time: November 26~29, 2018 Address: Dubai, UAE
  Time: November 26-29, 2018   Venue: Dubai, UAE   Organizers:CCPIT Jiangsu Sub-Council, Jiangsu Business Council in UAE, Dubai Investment Development Agency   Theme: Enlarging the functio

  The 8th Jiangsu-Macao Business Summit of the Portuguese-speaking Countries
Time: October, 2018~ Address: Macao
  Time: October, 2018   Venue: Macao   Host: Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government   Organizers:Department of Commerce of Jiangsu Province, Foreign Affairs Office of Jiangsu Provinc

Time: October, 2018~ Address: Moscow
  Time: October, 2018   Venue: Expo Center Fairgrounds, Moscow   Host: Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China   Organizer: Foreign Trade Development Bureau of Ministry

  “Going Global”— Jiangsu Enterprises Cooperation Mission to America
Time: October, 2018~ Address: The United States of America, Brazil, Argentina
  Time: October, 2018   Venue: The United States of America, Brazil, Argentina   Hosts: Consulate-General of US in Shanghai, Consulate-General of Brazil in Shanghai, Consulate-General of Argen

  “Going Global”-Jiangsu Enterprises Cooperation Mission to Southeast Asian Countries
Time: August, 2018~ Address: India, Vietnam, Thailand
  Time: August, 2018   Venue: India, Vietnam, Thailand   Host: CCPIT Jiangsu Sub-Council   Organizers:Secretariat of Jiangsu Chamber of International Commerce, Jiangsu Global Sourcing Prom

  Apparel & Textile Sourcing Canada
Time: August 20~22, 2018 Address: Canada
  Time: August 20-22, 2018   Venue: Toronto International Exhibition Center, Canada   Hosts: China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Textile and Apparel (CCCT), CCPIT Jiangsu Sub-Co

  “Going Global”— Jiangsu Enterprises Cooperation Mission to ASEAN Countries
Time: August, 2018~ Address: Thailand, Indonesia, Laos
  Time: August, 2018   Venue: Thailand, Indonesia, Laos   Hosts: CCPIT Jiangsu Sub-Council, Board of Investment of Thailand, The Federation of Thai Industries, Thai Trade Council, Indonesia Ka

  Hong Kong Belt and Road Summit
Time: June, 2018~ Address: Hong Kong
  Time: June, 2018   Venue: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center   Hosts: The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Hong Kong Trade Development Council   Organize
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