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Intentional Transaction of $ 1.15 Billion Reached at CISOCC

The 6th China International Service Outsourcing Cooperation Conference (CISOCC) was held in Nanjing from June 26 to 28. Intentional transaction worth 1.15 billion dollars was reached at the conference, growing by 15% vs. last session.

During the conference, nearly 200 domestic contract companies had business discussions, covering IT, bio-pharmaceutical, animation innovation, financial service, industrial design, etc. Intentional transaction of outsourcing business, investment and cooperative explore of overseas markets has reached nearly 1.15 billion dollars, 15% up than last session.

The conference this year has more diversified activities. Its theme is “New Technology, New Pattern and New Opportunities”. 18 series activities were held with better actual effects and professionalism. Main activities such as high-level round table meeting and summit forum focused on cloud outsourcing, e-commerce, mobile internet, the internet of things, public platform, etc. The conference paid special attention to heated topics and emphasized innovation. Representatives from 21 national demo cities and 13 cities in Jiangsu were invited to discuss policy innovation.

Nearly 3500 person-times from over 800 companies in 21 countries such as the US, Canada, the UK, France and Netherlands participated in the conference, 10% higher than last session. Over 170 companies are from overseas countries, 13% more than last session. There were 15 executives of Fortune Top 500 companies present at the meeting. Besides, outsourcing associations of France, Canada, South Korea and Singapore also dispatched representatives to the conference.


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