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Student Exchange Conference for CCPIT Certified Trade Advisors Program (CTAP) Held in Nanjing
Apr 8th,2010, Student exchange conference for CCPIT Certified Trade Advisors Program (CTAP) was held in CCPIT, Jiangsu Sub-Council. Du Zetian, vice director of conference department of CCPIT, Huang Zheng and Xiao Tiejun, both vice chairmen of CCPIT, Jiangsu Sub-Council attended this conference.

Du Zetian, vice director of membership department of CCPIT, clarified the pipeline about CTAP from the view of Membership Department of CCPIT, and fully consulted the advices and suggestions from students. CTAP is the training and advising program for international trade consultant. It’s developed by International Trade Center of United Nations. (ITC).  Until now, such program has been carried out successfully in 50 countries. And 20 country level centers have been set up. On May 29th, 2009, CCPIT signed contract with ITC to introduce such program to China in first time. The fist batch of 40 Chinese students has finished first and second training. Third training would be finished by Jun, 2010.After third training, membership department of CCPIT will organize students to translate the education material and promotion of the program.

With the successfully expanding the CTAP program, it will play an active role in pushing Chinese SMEs’ transformation to the outbound enterprises. During the exchanging conference, how to boost the reputation and influence of the program, and attract more enterprises adopt CTAP are key points. Base on the characteristics of the local trade expansion, students exchanged and discussed how to promote the program in terms of striving for the financial support and act under market rule.

Huang Zheng, vice chairman of CCPIT, Jiangsu Sub-Council, said, CCPIT, Jiangsu Sub-Council would spare no effort to support the promotion to CTAP program in Jiangsu Province. At the meantime, he introduced experience and imagination of intergrated business, training and nurturing staff, reinforcing service function of CCPIT, Jiangsu Sub-Council.

Student representatives of CTAP students in Nanjing, CCPIT Si Chuan, CCPIT Chongqing and CCPIT Ningbo plus related staff from membership department of CCPIT Jiangsu Sub-Council attended this conference.

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