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Vice governor Zhang Weiguo met with delegation of China-US Chamber of Commerce

April 6,In the afternoon of  April 6, vice Governor Zhang Weiguo met with representatives of China-United States Chamber of Commerce leaded by Chairman Meng Kewen, and had friendly talks. Zhumin, the director of Department of Commerce, vice director Zhaojing, and Mai Haining, vice chairman of CCPIT Jiangsu Sub-Council attended the meeting.

China-United States Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization to promote the economic, trade and investment between China and America. There are more than 2600 members and thousands of foreign enterprises working on business activities in China. Currently China-United States Chamber of Commerce is the largest foreign chambers of commerce in China,

Vice governor Zhang Weiguo introduced the development of Jiangsu provincial economic society to guests, and especially emphasized the new development opportunities and cooperation opportunities brought by Jiangsu coastal development, regional coordinated development and six new industries. Vice governor Zhang Weiguo expressed that, Jiangsu would take a more open attitude toward the new round of development, and welcome foreign enterprises including American enterprises to participate in Jiangsu coastal development and industrial transformation and upgrading. American is an important trade and economic partner of Jiangsu province and Jiangsu province always pay attention on the investment and development of American enterprises in Jiangsu. “Investing in Jiangsu is meaning investing in the future”, vice governor Zhang Weiguo welcome more American enterprises to invest in Jiangsu to create a win-win situation.

Chairman Meng Kewen expressed that many member enterprises of China-United States Chamber of Commerce have invested and developed in Jiangsu, he was interested the new round of economic development opportunities in Jiangsu and he wanted to learn more about various regions in Jiangsu through this visit, especially the investment environment and development planning of coastal areas. Mr. Meng Kewen also expressed the confidence and expectations on economic and trade cooperation between China and America in the future.

This is the first time that delegation of China-United States Chamber of Commerce visited Jiangsu. From April 7 to April 9, delegation visited Nanjing, Suzhou, Nantong and Yancheng.



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