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CCPIT Jiangsu Sub-Council praised as trade promotion advanced unit nationwide again Feb 1,2010

2010 nationwide trade promotion work conference was held from Jan 26 to 27 in Beijing.300 representatives from 50 CCPIT sub-councils, 22 industry sub-councils and 16 laision offices abroad attended this meeting. Ma Haining, executive deputy chairman and chiefs from related departments attended this meeting.

Wan Jifei, chairman of CCPIT delivered a working report. Lu Jianhua, assistant minister of Commercial Department, and Zhao Jianhua, deputy section chief were invited to make speeches on export, trade and diplomatic relationship. Representatives from sub-councils and industry councils exchanged the work experience in 2009.The meeting praised the advanced working units in 2009, CCPIT Jiangsu sub-council received this honor for six times consecutively.

Wan Jifei concluded the working in 2009 from 6 aspects: 1. using variety of ways to help enterprises to encounter international financial crises; 2. extending the trade promotion activities and establishing the brand of CCPIT in compliance with the national diplomatic and trade overall stragtegy;3.reinforcing exhibition industry management and service;4.fullfiling preparatory work of Shanghai Expo;5.advancing the construction of CCPIT system;6.consolidating the scientific development concept. After analyzing the current trend of trade and investment promotion, Wan Jifei brought forward the work highlights in 2010 as follows: 1. actively participating in the preparation for Shanghai Expo; 2. reinforcing the trade promotion activities around the national centre work; 3.strengthening the cooperation in exhibition activities; 4. bettering construction of CCPIT system and develop the trade promotion system harmoniously.

Ma Haining, executive deputy chairman gave a lecture on how to ensure the growth and advance development during the financial crises in the section of discussion.



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