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Qiu Xiaoping Leads Jiangsu Delegation to Participate at Autumn 2009 France International Fashion Exp

Our vice chairwoman Qiu Xiaoping leads a delegation composed of 54 peoples from 24 textile and apparel enterprises to go to Paris, France to participate at the Fashion Sourcing Trade Fair (FATEX) and Interselection 2009: Paris-Apparel and Clothing Trade Fair from October 17 to 26.

These two fairs to be held at the same place and on the same time every autumn sharing the same characteristics of strongly professional, great influence, and large exhibiting scale, only open for professionals. Our Jiangsu exhibitors delegation organized by our council owns 28 booths with 285m2 exhibiting area, which is double in size year on year, and it is the biggest delegation at the site. Our exhibition enterprises receive more than 100 person-time of professionals from various nations during the fairs. They generally reflects that although the deals made on the fairs are less comparably with last year due to the lasting negative effects on the textile products export caused by global economic recession, it would be a new business opportunity for new suppliers. The exhibiting products such as woollen manufactured overcoat, sweaters, cotton children clothes provided by our delegation attract many eyeballs because of their new look, well-made, and high quality.

In order to fully play a role of our council as an external liaison channel and seek more business opportunities and provide more communication platforms for enterprises, Ms. Qiu leads the representatives from exhibition enterprises such as Sainty, High Hope, Guotai, Suzhou Zhengda to 95 French provinces and Lille city to visit local commerce associations, trade institutions, textile industrial clusters, and development zones, having matching activities with local textile and apparel enterprises. During our stay in 95 provinces, High Hope discusses with SRBJ company on the jeans clothes and shirts series products; as SRBJ plans to find a partner manufacturer in China, High Hope believes SRBJ is a perfect match and plans to strengthen the connection with it and traces the project after returning to China. In Lille, our provincial enterprises investigate the local textile products industrial cluster UPTEX and hear its general manager Isabelle ZELLER’s introduction on the trend of future European textile industry; meanwhile, both sides communicate and discuss on the non-woven fabric insulation, wear resistance, and no secondary pollution characteristics and how to be applied in ordinary clothing production to increase the added value attached on the products and improve the competitiveness of enterprises, and so on. They also have business matchmaking activities with local textile and apparel enterprises such as PICANOL, RESSOURCE QUELLE, BRIAN & HART, and investigate the UNION development zone and local textile products’ retail market.

During the stay period, Ms. Qiu on behalf of our council signs a comprehensive cooperative agreement with Alain LEIKINE, the president of 95-provinces economy development committee as well as signs the bilateral entrepreneurs council memorandums respectively with Mr. Stephane BOSSAVIT, the president of the international chamber of commerce of the Region of North—Calais, and Mr. Luc DOUBLET, the president of International development agency of Lille urban to further define the cooperative content with each other.


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